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Climate change is, in this time one of the primitive challenges that has aggravated as a result of the external influence from outside earth system and also the force of influence from earth itself. Human activities such as the drastic increase in trees removal, burning of fossil fuels, the emission of greenhouse gas and many more has expedited climate change; […]

Improving Desertified Lands

Drought has been defined as a natural phenomenon in which rain and water levels have been significantly lower than normally recorded, having substantial eΛect on the land’s agriculture and ecosystem (UNCCD). Or simply put as the scarcity of water resources leading to climatic, hydrological, agronomical and geological impacts on a region. Desertification which is also closely related to droughts means […]


The only planet were many varied forms of life have coexisted and survived is “Earth”, this is to say that every life and living being developed on planet earth and without earth, no life would exist; it is therefore safe to say “man and every living creature belongs to earth”. Every living thing on earth depends solely on air, water, […]