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The only planet were many varied forms of life have coexisted and survived is “Earth”, this is to say that every life and living being developed on planet earth and without earth, no life would exist; it is therefore safe to say “man and every living creature belongs to earth”. Every living thing on earth depends solely on air, water, land, soil, and electricity for survival; Hence any change or mismanagement with this flow of nature due to human selfishness and nonchanlancy will result into a devastating effects on Earth as it will gradually become irreversible and also pose a threat to the whole human race.

As it is crystal clear that “Earth” is the only place where life exists, both man and earth depend on each other for survival: it’s the responsibility of every individual to emphasize environmental care and strive towards sustaining earth. Man has evolved and developed a lot of survival tools in science and technology to help improve their standard of living, thus the standardization of man had cause the increase in population and motivated Man to expand its’ territories leading to the voluminous exploitation of earth’s natural resources.

 The excessive usage of this natural resources had accumulated to cause many problems such as uneven distribution of receding resources, climate changes, poverty, pollution which directly affect the survival of mankind; The impending critical issues adversely affecting earth are depletion of earth’s resources, forest degradation, pollution which must be properly addressed and solved, therefore protecting Earth is not possible to just one individual, but to every persons, schools, business organization, and communities.

Achieving “Only One Earth” is possible but only through “Sustainability”, in a way that the needs of the present are met without compromising the hope of the future generations; The sustainability of our “only one earth” revolves around protecting our planet earth, our environment, and natural resources through the following:

  • We can protect our earth by saving and planting trees, as those trees serve as a source of oxygen and food.
  • Always save electricity and water; the less water used, the less waste water we get, and also making use of energy conserving bulbs to save electricity.
  • Educate and volunteer, take out time to create awareness to others on the importance and value of our  natural resources.
  • The continuous use of bio-based product made from agricultural waste, and discouraging the dumping of toxic chemicals into the sea.

To protect earth, every resources that exist on earth must be properly managed; it all depends on the choices of every individual to desire the improvement and the maintainance of our environment with the aim of safeguarding our natural world and also aiding in restoring our Eco-system to be whole and functioning, by encouraging the healing act of nature and restoring extinct species.

 World Environmental Day  is a special day, people must resolve to invest in our planet and consciously choose to contribute to its’ sustainable development.

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