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LOVE AND CLIMATE CHANGE : Why Taking Action Matters

When we think of love, we frequently consider the people and things that are important to us. But as the effects of climate change worsen, it’s critical to keep in mind that love may also include our planet and the generations that will live there in the future. This article will discuss the relationship between love and climate change, the […]


INTRODUCTION Sea bed mining, also known as deep sea mining, is the process of obtaining precious minerals and commodities from the ocean floor. These resources include precious metals, minerals, and even rare earth elements. The objective of sea bed mining is to provide a new supply of valuable materials for human use, as traditional land-based mining activities grow increasingly difficult […]

What you need to know about Loss and Damage

Although the historic decision was applauded, this is only the first step, and the success of the fund will depend on how quickly it starts operating. Over the next year, representatives from 24 nations will collaborate to decide how the fund should be structured, which nations should contribute, and where and how the money should be distributed. You should be […]

3 things you may have missed at the COP27

After weeks of negotiations, at COP27, striking a last-minute, historic agreement on this session’s most anticipated issue: payments for climate change damages to developing countries loss and damage.  Developed nations agreed to create a fund to compensate poorer nations for catastrophic consequences of climate change. Yet critical components – including which countries will provide financing, and which will benefit – […]

Improving Desertified Lands

Drought has been defined as a natural phenomenon in which rain and water levels have been significantly lower than normally recorded, having substantial eΛect on the land’s agriculture and ecosystem (UNCCD). Or simply put as the scarcity of water resources leading to climatic, hydrological, agronomical and geological impacts on a region. Desertification which is also closely related to droughts means […]


The only planet were many varied forms of life have coexisted and survived is “Earth”, this is to say that every life and living being developed on planet earth and without earth, no life would exist; it is therefore safe to say “man and every living creature belongs to earth”. Every living thing on earth depends solely on air, water, […]


HELD ON THE 22ND OF JANUARY, 2022 AT THE SAAT CONFERENCE ROOM, FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY AKURE, ONDO STATE, NIGERIA. THEME: The outcome of COP 26 and where do we go from here? DURATION: 9:30am – 1:00pm KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Prof. Ahmed Balogun – Department of metrology and climate science FUTA; Topic: Unleashing youth energy and creativity to combat climate change […]

NESREA rescues the sea cow held captive in Lagos.

Source: Punch News. National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency on Saturday rescued a female sea cow also known as manatee, an endangered aquatic mammal held hostage at Epe Lagos. NESREA, an environmental agency of the Federal Government of Nigeria, in a sting operation alongside researchers from the Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research, and WildAid rescued the endangered […]